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What do your designer shoes say about you?

What do many people look at when they want to find out who a person may be like, how much money they have, what is their style, what type of job they may have...and many more questions can be answered simply by looking at someone's shoes - personally, I think, in particular men's shoes.

Surely you can tell some things about a woman by the shoes she wears too. However, I think because women's fashions are so much more varied than men's styles that shoes can be the true window to the soul of a man.

Are you the sneaker type? If you are, well, you know for certain that there are various styles and designs of even the simplest pair of shoes, the sneakers. It will be obvious that a man wearing a Versace sneaker will probably have a different personality than a man wearing a rick Owens pair of sneaker running shoes. What is the difference you ask? Well, the prices may be different but if you see either designers names on a mans shoes, you know they must have some money. Both are very high end designers with similarly high end price tags. you know they must have money and probably a good job. They probably work at different vocations, I would venture to say. Or perhaps they are just different personalities.

A Versace sneaker wearing man will probably have something to say about just about everything. They will be a more in your face type of sneaker - a less more decorated or some may call flashy sneaker. I could probably imagine someone like Kanye West sporting a pair of these designer shoes. Kanye often has a casual look - works with the sneaker look. However, he loves to be in the limelight and wants everyone to notice him and know that the King is around. The flashy part of the Versace sneaker would do that trick. And of course, kanye wants you to know that he is successful and has lots of money. A designer like Versace is just that kind of brand - quite high end expensive, flashy and yet, still a casual sneaker.

For the man who prefers Rick Owens designs, you are (if it is you who is reading this) probably a more laid back, want to be trendy, rich guy. You have to be able to afford this very casual style. While a pair of Rick Owens sneakers may look like a standard pair of high tops, trust me, they are anything but standard. They do have that extra something-something which brings them to the next level, while still being somewhat understated - when compared to a pair of Versace sneakers, of course. This means that you are willing to pay the price for style and quality but you don't need to show it off - anywhere and everywhere that you go - as a Versace sneaker guy would. You probably do not share your opinions as freely as Mr Versace (or should I say, par example, Mr Kanye West) either prefering to wait your turn and make a poignant point instead of breaking into the coversation with a weaker argument because you just need attention.

After all of this is said and done (by me), who really knows if any of this is true? What I can say for sure is that if you are interested in either of these designers, for shoes or other clothing, you are obviously a man who wants to be on trend, stylish and takes your wardrobe seriously enough to demand designer duds.

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